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Choosing a Wedding Photography Style


A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Hence, the need to invest in the right wedding photographer Atlanta GA who understands the importance of capturing every moment. Wedding photographs bring back love and commitment memories that bound couples together. Therefore, if you want nothing but the best you need to conduct a detailed research and be selective in regards to a photographer's demeanor and their artistic style. You need to define your preferred photography style and be as specific as possible when explaining your needs to the wedding photographer. The photography style you choose determines the type of wedding photographer atlantaga you will work with. Here are the common wedding photography styles you can consider for your big day.




Documentary photos portray your guests, the d?cor and action candidly. Typical documentary shots capture the best and rare moments such as; guests dancing, bridesmaids laughing or popping champagne, your parents dancing or guests walking into the venue. These are common weddings events that spark unique and emotional memories later because they capture moments as they happen with the aim of telling your wedding story visually.




This wedding photography atlantaga style was common among ancient weddings. Hence, a traditional photographer would execute portraiture photos effectively. They are posed wedding shots of you, your family and friends posing in front of different backdrops. However, they also have room for creativity. For instance, you can try out different postures and photo backgrounds.


Fine Art


Fine art is similar to documentary photography, but it allows the photographer to infuse their creativity. Meaning that the photos reflect your big day's reality but from the photographer's point of view and style. If you choose this wedding photography Atlanta GA style, expect dramatic but gorgeous photos that will appear as though they were shot on film with a dreamier, grainier and muted appearance. In most cases, the object is in focus, but the background is manipulated to appear naturally blurred. Check to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding to learn more about weddings.




Most Atlanta wedding photographers are experienced enough to combine two or more wedding photography styles. This is an advantage that offers you a dramatic, unique and well-thought off wedding album. For instance, some wedding photographers will offer a mix of colored and black and white images. Others will offer portraiture and documentary style photos with the aim of capturing every moment and guest in attendance. However, always discuss your preferred photography style with your photographer but give them the freedom to exercise their artistic ability.